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Who is Nola Bougie?


When I had my son, I was told that MY life was over! I would no longer enjoy spa days, early hair appointments or happy hours with the girls. “Why?”, I asked. The response, “Because you are a mom.” What?!!! Do women really believe this? Do women really believe that they can no longer take care of themselves and enjoy life because they have a child or a husband?  

I'm a wife, mom and a pharmacist of 15 years, who loves Rose', spa days and some good tea. Don’t get it confused, I still jump out of my seat when I hear "Cash Money Records taking over for the '99 and 2000." Let me show you how to “Embrace Your Inner Bougie” and make Self Care a priority in your life! 

What's it all about?


NOLA Bougie is the source for all things classy and cultured in New Orleans. We have a 3-tiered platform to inspire women to not only live their best life, but to do so by being the best possible version of themselves that they can be.  

The three pillars of the NOLA Bougie Movement are:

1. Prioritizing Self-Care

2. Promoting Progressive Living and Positive Growth

3. Producing Events and Empowering Opportunities for All Women

NOLA Bougie strives to encourage women to view self-care as an act of love. Self-care is not optional and should not be viewed as selfish. It is a vital part of our health and success as women. 

NOLA Bougie strives to change the definition of the word "bougie".  It is not a negative thing to want or aspire to have more or the best in life.  On the contrary, it is our right as women to seek a life that is beyond mediocrity. 

NOLA Bougie strives to help women of all backgrounds recognize their value in spite of their circumstances.  You do not have to be rich in finance to be bougie...just rich in spirit! 

Want to Hire Nola Bougie?


The following partnerships with Nola Bougie are available:

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Bougie and The City


3/7: Alcohol Free for 40 Kickoff 

3/8: International Women’s Day 

         There is a House in New Orleans Roundtable 

          at New Orleans Jazz Museum 

3/9: Irish Tea at Le Salon at Windsor Court 

         Mardi Gras Detox Day at Longue Vue 

3/12: Market Supper Club at Auction House Market


3/13: Cocktails at the Carver 

          Hobnobber at Royal Frenchmen 

3/14: Top Taco 

3/15: Lark in the Park 

          Screening of “Keith Sonnier: Until Today”

3/16: Afro Brunch NOLA

          Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade

3/17: Nomgi Sip & Sew at Salon Canal Place 

          Pink Beautiful Trauma World Tour

          A Raisin in the Sun at Ashe’ 

3/21   3rd Thursday at Longue Vue

           Dining with Deb 

3/22: Loft Lakeside Shopping Event 

           Alvin Ailey 

3/23: Sista Strut

           Derby Day at the Fairgrounds 

           Art & Soul NOCCA Fundraiser

           New Orleans Bourbon Festival 

           Vinti Merchant House Market

3/25: New Orleans Entrepreneur Week Begins

3/27: NOMA Art in Bloom 

3/29: Black & Gold Gala 

           Fridays with Fran at City of Love

3/30: Ogden Museum Free Family Day 

           Monster Jam 

           Krewe of Lit 

           6th Year Wedding Anniversary 


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