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Who is Nola Bougie?

One who embodies an attitude of superior taste while embracing the New Orleans culture. Wife. Mother. Fashionista. Foodie. Bottle popper. Jet setter. Curvalicious.

 I Am Nola Bougie. 

What's it all about?

As women the paradigm is often to take care of others first. We are excellent moms, devoted wives, leading career women, entrepreneurs and executives. We volunteer in the community and are active in our churches and sororities. In each of these scenarios we are the givers. But ask yourself, when do you replenish? When is the last time you indulged, splurged or spoiled yourselves even for just a moment? When I asked my girlfriends the answer was a resounding "never!" Girl what??? Thus Nola Bougie was born. It's about Reclaiming Your Time (as Auntie Maxine would say) and being intentional about seeking experiences that refresh your spirit, indulge your whimsy, and help explore your wanderlust. It's about taking moments to treat yourself. The thought is, if we can give our very best in every aspect of life, then why cheat ourselves? Think of this as your go to resource for all of my ladies in NOLA!

What can you expect?

This is your place for Inspiration and Motivation to live your best life! I'll share my favorite spots to eat, relax, workout, shop, and explore some new ones too! I'll also "keep it real" by sharing some struggles on my life journey! 

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